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Who we are

INFINERGEO SpA, is a Chilean company, established in Santiago, owned by ECM Enterprises, devoted to the exploration and exploitation of geothermal energy towards the generation of electricity.

Due to Chile’s great geothermal potential, located in the “Pacific Fire Ring”, investments in the development of this kind of energy have increased over the years. The interest from national and international companies has amplified, because of the country’s privileged location, together with its stable economic conditions, and growth. Chile is the most adequate emerging market in Latin America for the development of Unconventional Renewable Energies.

The commitment of Infinergeo is to provide clean and renewable energy through the exploration and exploitation of sustainable geothermal resources, contributing to the needs of a developing country, with growing energy needs.

Our company is formed by a multidisciplinary team of renowned professionals in the renewable energies area. They have worked in Chile, and internationally in several projects related to this kind of energies. This internal capability and knowledge, together with a vast experience in project development in different topics, is complemented by specialized advisories in each subject, makes us one of the leading engineering companies in Chile.

Currently, Infinergeo has three exploration concessions that are in different development phases:

- Volcán Tacora
- Callaqui
- Callaqui E

Our Team

Several different experts in diverse areas assemble our team. Geologists, Mining Engineers, a Chemical Engineer and a Lawyer specialized in concessions work together with the support and expertise of all departments of ECM Enterprises.